Roger Hayes/GS duet | new video from loopbasedzero

Saturday Apr 19
new Total Life release!

further into infinity with captain Kevin.
Measured, deliberate, expansive; harks back to Growing’s Five Patterns tape but more vast & more blissed. Fly on, brother.

Saturday Apr 12

another remix by cheyne stoecks

Wednesday Apr 9
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K.A.R.P. - “13 Ways To A Cavity” from their debut album, Mustaches Wild [KLP027].

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"It’s gonna hurt again…"

You in?

Olympia, spring of ‘98: I saw KARP play in the Eagles Hall basement (with the Evaporators/Goblins, the Bangs, and Milemarker). That’s still on the short list of the greatest concert-going experiences of my life. I love the idea of vinyl reissue for EACH individual KARP LP. Seriously, does any band more richly deserve the ultra-deluxe (complete discography + documentary DVD + more…) boxed-set treatment?

Friday Apr 4

remix by cheyne stoecks

Wednesday Apr 2

soundtrack from March 30 session with Roger Hayes / video by loopbasedzero

Wednesday Apr 2

Roger Hayes: guitar + objects + effects

Gregg Skloff: bass guitar + objects + effects

Monday Mar 31

Existence Habit track on IFAR “atmospheres” compilation

Saturday Mar 29